A 3 months treatment to improve the appearance of thinning hair and impulse darker and fuller looking hair.

1. Clinically proved to both help maintain hair density and to prevent appearance of grey hair.*
2. Helps  to fight against oxidative stress  effects and stimulate the hair’s natural  pigmentation
3. The hair is  stronger, fuller  and  younger looking
4. Volume, color and brightness  are restored.
5. The hair  is  silky, the roots are balanced.

*Clinical Test – Product  tested  vs. Placebo

Apply one vial everyday for a period of 3 months. Apply evenly to the scalp on dry or towel-dried hair.
Evenly distribute onto the scalp section by section. Massage with fingertips. Proceed with usual styling.
Do not rinse.

Black Shou Wu : known to be a powerful ingredient in the Chinese traditional medicine able to extend life longevity and reverse the signs of aging such as hair greying and alopecia.
Aminexil 15 000 PPM: Precious combination of Aminexil®, Glycolipid GL® and Madecassosid to help maintain the look of hair density. This mix promotes the health of the tissues at the hair root, this procures a better elasticity and resilience.
Rhamnose: Vegetal Sugar with anti-aging properties. Responsible for Collagen and Elastin production, which helps anchor the hair root thanks to a healthier balanced scalp.
AOX Complex:  Protects against oxidative stress

*Clinical Test