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Ciment Thermique

Ciment Thermique

Heat-activated reconstruction milk for weakened hair.

The fibre is strengthened from within; the hair surface is fully coated with supple, ultra-efficient "shock-proofing".

The hair's strength and shine are restored, while its fluidity and softness are preserved. It is smoothed, tamed and easier to style.

Ciment Thermique: the cult product for blow-drying.

  • ▪ Apply to towel-dried hair.

  • ▪ Take a dab of Ciment Thermique in the palm of your hand and spread over the lengths and ends.

  • ▪ Blow dry as usual.

Ultra-effective triple-action technology:

  • ▪ Thermo-activation: uses heat to seal the active ingredients in the fibre's core.

  • ▪ Vita-Ciment®: strengthens the hair fibre's internal structure.

  • ▪ Vita-Topseal: resurfaces and strengthens the hair's natural protective layer.